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    Who AM I?

    Music producer / designer / videographer /tea drinker / art lover / bamboo, gadget, vanlife and film maniac / gamer / proud father of three talented children

    Hungary (+36) 30 340 1466

    I really love games in every form. So I enjoy using effects to create new things from the old ones. 🙂

    You can see yourself on a cover of your magazin, as a superstar, superhero, or anything you want. Just ask it and I’ll create your new virtual look.

    I composed a dynamic music full of action with a slight sense of tragedy and a little hint of humour. 

    It was fun! 🙂

    Thanks HBO and Spitfire for this Contest!

    Why this guy?

    "Always accurate when it comes to adjusting to deadlines and passionately enthusiastic in case of doing things creatively. Being a great team-player, humorous collegaue, however, being capable of spending an entire day with engaging in his work. "
    Johny Gorbe
    executive director
    & programmer

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    that's me 🙂