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Enjoy my 2022 Showreel video with amazing music composed by J.t. Peterson. Best moments and clips filmed at weddings, wargames, airshows, studios, rally, birthdays and beautiful places on my journey. Thanks for all You in this video!

I was hiking (many times) with the best tour guide ever: Liv Gal. This is her story. Enjoy!

Enjoy my first Showreel video with epic music composed by me. Best moments and clips filmed at weddings, airshows, rally, and beautiful places on my journey. Thanks for all You in this video!

I filmed a WW II. traditional game with aircrafts, tanks, artillery and infantry. It was a huge eye-opener.

Best moments of the II. Zeg Rally Show.

This is the way as I’ve seen this wonderful wedding. Congratulations Bettina & Balazs!

I was hiking with the best team ever at the bauxit mine of Gánt. It was a fantastic experience! Thanks for organization and voice-over to Liv Gal!

I was hiking with a funny and friendly team at Tihany peninsula. I wrote the music, and made this video. I loved it! Enjoy! 🙂

Dj Von Chris & a huge party! (With my house music) 🙂

Talented musicians at the VIII. Zalaegerszeg Jam Session. 

All the kids (and adults) loved this Adventure Camp. 🙂

Talented singer and professional jazz musicians at Jazz evening 2021.

Who AM I?

Music producer / designer / videographer /tea drinker / art lover / bamboo, gadget, vanlife and film maniac / gamer / proud father of three talented children

I really love games in every form. So I enjoy using effects to create new things from the old ones. 🙂

You can see yourself on a cover of your magazin, as a superstar, superhero, or anything you want. Just ask it and I’ll create your new virtual look.

Best moments of the I. Zeg Rally Show as seen by morethan10 (me) among the viewers of the show.

I really enjoyed hunting the good moments and editing.

Motivational uplifting music medley.

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"Always accurate when it comes to adjusting to deadlines and passionately enthusiastic in case of doing things creatively. Being a great team-player, humorous collegaue, however, being capable of spending an entire day with engaging in his work. "
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